Submissions to present at researchED

We are honoured to have been able to attract some of the world’s most interesting voices in education. Find out how to apply below.

We are honoured to have been able to attract some of the world’s most interesting voices in education. As a non-profit we do not pay speaker fees, and rely entirely on the generosity of our speakers to contribute their time and expertise for free.

Our mission

researchED’s mission is to raise research literacy in the teaching profession and the education sector more generally. We do this because we believe that teaching will be improved the more it engages with evidence bases that are as substantial as possible. It is no longer acceptable for education to be governed by instinct or intuition alone. Where there is evidence- in its many forms- we should reflect upon it. Where there is research, we should face its conclusions. There must be a dialogue between the craft of teaching practice, and the evidence bases that inform it. The space where these two spheres interact is where researchED operates.

What we are looking for

We are looking for speakers who can deliver sessions that further those aims. We welcome submissions from anyone with something to say about the field of evidence in education that is:

  1. Interesting,
  2. Useful,
  3. Important,
  4. Evidence based

We welcome submissions from speakers from many areas of education: newly qualified teachers, academics, policy makers, researchers, statisticians, MRI operatives….anyone who can deliver something that meets at least some of the criteria above.

researchED welcomes submissions from all people regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, or gender. We particularly welcome submissions from under-represented peoples or groups, considering all such submissions equally. In order to redress historical and cultural misrepresentation, we would urge anyone reading this to encourage any members of underrepresented groups who wish to, to send us a session submission. It would help us to improve representation, (and on a personal note I would welcome the expansion of my networks for future conferences). And we will always endeavour to increase our efforts to improve representation as we grow.

We ask that all speakers be prepared to discuss their evidence bases with their audiences if asked to do so. How do you know what you claim? Obviously the definition of evidence bases will vary from session to session, but we do not solicit sessions that represent the speaker’s opinion alone without sufficient substantiation.

All submissions are considered by the conference lead for suitability, how they fit into the shape and content of the day, how they overlap with other sessions, and how they serve the aims described above. The conference lead will confer with the director of researchED Tom Bennett and a decision will be made and communicated to the applicant as soon as possible. Please be aware that researchED has no capital or employees, only volunteers. As such we may take some time to reply. If this is the case feel free to email us to remind us. Acceptance to present at researchED is at our discretion.

Please bear in mind that sessions are 40 minutes long.

Thank you for considering a submission to researchED and we look forward to hearing from you!

Submit your idea

ResearchED is a non-profit, and is only possible because of the generous and valuable contributions of time and expertise from our speakers and partners. If speakers can make it to the event on their own resources, we are deeply grateful.

However if they need assistance we are happy to do so. Please be advised that successful speaker applicants do not have to buy a ticket, and are entitled to bring one free guest if they so choose. We will also provide refreshments for you free of charge. At the larger events this will be in separate speakers’ room, and at smaller venues will be part of the normal catering service. We aim to respond to all applications within one week. As we are a volunteer organisation, if we have not done so by then, feel free to to email us at

Many thanks, Tom

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