researchED Sponsorship policy

researchED is a non-profit organization. We run on a very low-capital basis. One of our main aims is to bring events and experiences to educators around the world. Another one of our aims is to make the experiences and events as accessible as possible to people, no matter their circumstances. This is the philosophy behind, for example:

  1. Creche facilities whenever possible for all attendees who require it
  2. Saturday events to facilitate those who work standard hours (we recognise this isn’t perfect for all groups of course)
  3. Filmed sessions made freely available online where possible
  4. Tickets price points as close to break-even as budgets allow

The final point, 4, is something that matters very much to us. We see many low-value, high cost professional development days way beyond the ability of most educators to afford, and we intend to provide an antidote to that.

The only way we can make this possible is by:

  1. Speakers donating sessions for free; volunteers on the day; venues willing to act as partners rather than customers
  2. Donations from sympathetic sponsors

researchED welcomes approaches of sponsorship to help us achieve our aims. Previous sponsors have included Unison, ASCL, NASUWT, Education Endowment Trust, Bloomsbury publishing, the Oxford University Press, Rising Stars and many more.

We only ask that our sponsors are happy with our policy:

  1. All editorial and curatorial decisions remain with researchED. At no point will we sell session space, or promote a speaker, product or organisation in return for a fee
  2. researchED reserves the right for the sponsors products or views to be scrutinised in public discussions, either in conference time or online
  3. Sponsorship partnerships does not imply unqualified support for all views or product aims of partners.

To discuss sponsorship, partnerships or support models, or ways that you can help the work of researchED, please contact us using the form on this website.

Best wishes

Tom Bennett