Tom Sherrington

Consultant and Author


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After a career of over 30 years as a teacher and school leader, Tom is now working as a freelance consultant in schools around the country and is in demand as a CPD provider and speaker. He writes the popular blog and is soon to publish a book on teaching called The Learning Rainforest.


National Conference 2017

What might evidence-informed teaching look like in practice?

On reading various popular research books and summaries – including the work of Rosenshine, Dweck, Coe, Dunlosky, Hattie, Bjork, Willingham, Wiliam, Learning Scientists, Nutthall – I will suggest that there is an emerging consensus. The session will attempt to capture the elements of this consensus, exploring what might be some good bets for teachers to focus on in the pursuit of effective evidence-informed teaching in practice. This will include a round-up of ideas about mindsets, instruction methods and assessment techniques.

Scandinavia 2017

Hattie and Homework.  A case study in reading research. 

In John Hattie’s Visible Learning meta analysis, homework generates a low overall effect size that is often quoted as a simple headline: homework doesn’t work.  But is that actually the whole story? This session explores the detail within his study to illustrate the need to pay closer attention to the methodology, the spread of outcomes and the context in which data is generated before making any decisions about school-based policies.