Tim Jarvis

Senior Master – Pastoral Care, Michaelhouse
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Divide and Conquer – What the evidence says about single-gender education

Just over half a century ago single-gender schools were the norm. Today only around 6% of children in the UK attend such a school. Even in the private sector, the birthplace of segregated schooling, the number of exclusively boys or girls educational institutions has halved in the last 20 years, as bastions of traditional all boys’ schools like Repton, Rugby and Wellington have switched to mixed classrooms. South Africa has not followed this trend, with a higher than average percentage of pupils attending single gender schools in both the private and state sectors. Is this apart-ness grounded in evidence that leads to greater academic achievement for both boys and girls, or is it just an anachronistic hangover from a different world?


Tim Jarvis is the author of the blog, ‘There’s a Hadeda in my Garden’ which considers educational issues and teen well-being. Tim has spoken at numerous conferences and schools around South Africa and has written articles for Independent Education in South Africa, the Christian Teacher’s Journal in Australia and the Guardian Newspaper UK.

Tim is currently the Senior Master: Pastoral Care at Michaelhouse and holds Honours degrees in Education and Psychology from the University of Exeter, and UNISA respectively. On quiet days Tim is likely to be found either consuming good quality coffee and a well written book or walking while listening to podcasts. You can follow Tim on Twitter @timothyjejarvis or read his blog at timothyjejarvis.blog