Tarjinder Gill



Genre Overload: Moving towards a Knowledge-Based Writing Curriculum

This sessions focuses on the implications of cognitive load theory for the primary writing curriculum. It will critically examine the concept of engagement, how it has led to genre overload, and how, combined with differentiation, it produces insecure writers. It will explore what writing genres should be taught, why they should be subject specific and how they should build on actual prior knowledge of pupils.


Tarjinder studied British and EU politics as an undergraduate at the University of Leicester before completing an MPhil in Political Science at Trinity College, Dublin. She then trained as a primary school teacher, working in inner city schools in areas of high socio- economic deprivation in Birmingham, Leicester and London. Over the past year, she has turned to blogging focusing on the failure of progressive methods in education and making the case for a more traditional, academic education for all.

Blog: http://www.teach-well.com/


The Abuse Cycle: Implications for Schools and Teachers

The session will introduce and explain the “abuse cycle” and how it affects both the victims and perpetrators of abuse. It will then explore how received wisdoms within the education system reinforce negative patterns of behaviour in pupils and hinder healthy teacher-pupil relationships. This will also involve examining how teachers and leaders should decide upon and evaluate strategies and interventions aimed at supporting pupils.

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