Tanya Vaughan

Associate Director, Evidence for Learning


Evidence into action

Evidence for Learning (evidenceforlearning.org.au) is a non-profit organisation that exists to support great practice in education across all schools and classrooms in Australia. Our vision is an Australia where evidence-informed approaches raise the learning impact for 5-18 year olds, so that all children, regardless of background, make the best possible progress. Our purpose is to support educators to improve their learning impact by increasing the evidence of what works and why, making this more widely available and actively used in classrooms, schools and systems.
We do this through building, sharing and encouraging the use of evidence to strengthen school decision-making leading to improved educational outcomes for learners.
Sharing evidence through the Teaching & Learning Toolkit (the Toolkit). The Toolkit is a free online summary of global educational research drawn from an international literature source of more than 10,000 studies. The Toolkit synthesises international and Australian research, to estimate the average impact, cost and strength of the evidence for a wide range of teaching and learning approaches. The Toolkit is a live resource that will be updated regularly as new studies are published in Australia or overseas. The Toolkit was recently upgraded with an additional section focused on Australasian evidence through a collaboration with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne.


Tanya is Associate Director, Evidence for Learning and is responsible for the Teaching & Learning Toolkit. Tanya has worked in education in policy design and implementation in AITSL, ACARA and PAI. She has consulted on international and national projects in leadership in education and evaluation with Learning First and Educational Transformations. Tanya taught at the senior secondary level in science and coordinated Biology. Tanya is an Honorary Fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. Tanya holds a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy. Tanya has co-authored one international book, three chapters and four journals.