Tamsin Hanly


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A new Aotearoa N.Z. curriculum teaching many of our historical warts and the Treaty for all level educators in action.

In my session I would like to share about a new Curriculum Programme Resource (CPR) I have developed that takes Aotearoa’s unique histories and consciously unpacks as many warts as possible and the two Treaty texts, for all level educators, with critical and decolonised teaching pedagogies to meet 21st C student needs in action. The CPR consists of 6 books covering periods from the Māori origin story to the 2000s. It is a beginner’s guide for all ethnicities to read and potentially teach all ethnicities this nation’s updated accurate histories in a more informed manner based on authoritative evidence and research.


I have worked in and around Māori and mainstream education since 1986.

I completed my Masters with 1st class Honours in 2007 called Preparing our students for bicultural relationship: Pākehā primary teachers and bicultural histories of Aotearoa.
I currently lecture part-time at the University of Auckland, Faculty of Education, Te Puna Wānanga. This has enabled me to write my Curriculum Programme Resource in response to the findings in my Masters and other research called A critical guide to Māori and Pākehā histories.