Dr. Stuart Shanker

Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology and the CEO of the MEHRIT Centre


Self-Reg Reframing: Why and how the theory of Self-Reg leads us to reframe leading issues in education

In this talk Dr Shanker will explore the Self-Reg view of the decline in math scores JK-3. Psychologists have identified the roots of the problem in high levels of math-specific anxiety already present in children 7-9. High Math Anxiety has a significant impact on working memory, limiting the child’s ability to acquire basic math competencies. There are various reasons why this happens to a young child: an overall high level of stress; bad experiences; racial or gender stereotypes; parental or teacher anxiety. Particularly important are basic cognitive deficits in number sense, counting, subitizing, and comparing the magnitude of two numbers. Looking at this issue through a “Triune” lens leads to a deeper understanding, not just of why and how these deficits result in a high level of “cognitive stress,” but more important, what we can do to help such children master and begin to truly enjoy their math education.


Dr. Stuart Shanker is one of the world’s leading authorities on self-regulation. Stuart trained intensively in child psychotherapy under Stanley Greenspan; he was the Director of the Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative at York University; President of the Canadian Council of Early Child development; Director of the council of Human Development; and has served for many years as an advisor to government and education organizations across Canada and internationally.
Throughout his career, Stuart has researched and studied the role of self-regulation in mental and physical wellbeing and academic achievement. He has focused on the beneficial role that positive stress plays in children’s development and learning and the worrying effects of excessive negative stress.

Website: https://self-reg.ca/