Stephen Lane

Teacher and Head of Year at Lichfield Cathedral School
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What the Foucault? – In defence of theory OR Whatever happened to Lesson Evaluations?

In the midst of the rising popularity of evidence informed practice, and the epistemological argy-bargy between #WhatWorks, #NoBestWay, and #JustTellThem, I seek to present an argument in favour of theory and ontology. I question the presumed authority and certainty of empirical scientific “method”, and challenge the “gold standard” of RCT, emphasising the value of qualitative research and self-research in the work of ‘the teacher’. I draw upon Foucault’s technologies of the self, particularly his Self-Writing as a model for reflective practice via engagement with Twitter and blogging.


Having taught in the state sector since 2001, in 2015 I moved into the independent sector and now work at a wonderful Cathedral school in Staffordshire. Since 2011, I’ve been studying towards an EdD through the University of Birmingham, focusing now on using Foucault to frame a theoretical analysis of #EduTwitter. I died in 2014. Thankfully, there is CPR.