Stephen Hurley

Founder and Chief Catalyst, voicEd Radio Canada


Changing the Way We Talk About Education

Stephen Hurley believes that if we’re going to see any substantial change in education, we’re going to have to change the way we talk about education. A passion for the medium of radio, and a commitment to amplifying voices that are not often heard, has led to the establishment of voicEd Radio, Canada’s only 24/7 Internet-based radio station dedicated to education. In this session, we’ll explore the work of gathering the voices of educators, researchers, parents and students from across the country in vibrant conversations about their work in the system. A powerful thread in the story is how these conversations have the potential to cross traditional boundaries, expanding the ecosystem that surrounds our schools and opening up strong possibilities for greater dialogue, less polarization and increased understanding. Implicit in Hurley’s presentation is an invitation for participants to become involved in the voicEd space—as a broadcaster, a podcaster or a blogger.


After serving Ontario’s public education system for over 30 years, as a teacher and consultant, Stephen Hurley continues to nurture vibrant and provocative conversations across Canada’s education landscape. He has crossed the country several times on behalf of the Canadian Education Association, facilitating conversations about change in education. Most recently, however, Stephen has taken up residence in a small basement cave in Milton, ON where he runs voicEd Radio, a 24/7 Internet-based radio station dedicated to connecting voices, insights and ideas in education. Every day, Stephen has the opportunity to amplify the voices of educators, researchers, parents and policy-makers across the political spectrum and around the world.