Shaun Hawthorne

Principal Consultant – Visible LearningPlus
Speaking at


Introduction & Update of John Hattie’s Visible Learning research

This session will give an overview of Professor John Hattie’s influential Visible Learning research. It will discuss the aim of the ongoing research, the methodology used, the ‘story’ that has emerged and the key messages for teaching & learning. It will also address questions of how teachers can engage with evidence such as the Visible Learning research to inform their teaching practice and decision making. It will also highlight recent additions and changes to the research.


Shaun has over 20 years’ experience in working in the schooling sector in New Zealand, most recently as a deputy principal in a co-ed Y9-13 school in Auckland. Previously Shaun has been the Head of two English departments and, has been involved in a number of Ministry of Education contracts around the English curriculum and national assessments.
Shaun is currently Principal Consultant with Cognition Education’s Visible LearningPlus team. Besides workshop creation, delivery and training across K-12 sectors his other main roles include providing ongoing support and training to our national and international VLP partners.
Shaun holds a Doctor of Education degree specialising in effective practices in teaching writing.