Sam Freedman

Executive Director at Teach First


What can we do about the growing educational divide in politics?

Economics use to be the big divider in western politics but now it’s education. Level of education was the biggest predictor of how people voted on Brexit and was a huge factor in the recent general election. This is true across Europe and in the US. Why is this happening? Why is it so dangerous and what can we do about it?


Sam is an Executive Director at Teach First where he is responsible for their initial teacher training programme. From May 2010 to February 2013 he was the senior policy adviser on schools to the Secretary of State at the Department for Education, focusing particularly on research; structural reform; funding and teacher training. Sam is also a trustee of the Teacher Development Trust and ResearchED as well as a governor at Woodside High School in Haringey.


National Conference 2016

A new approach to ITT

From 2017 Teach First are making some big changes to the way their programme works. In this session Sam will explain the changes and the research base that sits behind them.