Sam Freedman

CEO, Education Partnerships Group


Permanent revolution? Lessons from the English school reforms

Since the 1970s the English school system has changed dramatically with successive governments introducing reforms that increased the autonomy of schools but also their accountability to central Government. Since 2010 reform has intensified with a dramatic expansion of “academies” and “free schools” which are operated by independent providers; a new curriculum and assessment regime as well as big changes to teacher training. In this talk Sam will explore the origins of these reforms; look at how they were implemented and the evidence so far. He will draw out widen lessons for how best to manage system reform, as well as mistakes to avoid.


Sam is CEO of Education Partnerships Group, a charity that helps Governments around the world improve their education systems. Previously he was Executive Director at Teach First, responsible for the largest teacher training programme in the UK. Between 2010 and 2013 he was the Senior Policy Adviser to the UK Secretary of State, working across all areas of school policy. He has degrees from Oxford and Birkbeck Universities.

Twitter: @samfr


A new approach to ITT

From 2017 Teach First are making some big changes to the way their programme works. In this session Sam will explain the changes and the research base that sits behind them.

What can we do about the growing educational divide in politics?

Economics use to be the big divider in western politics but now it’s education. Level of education was the biggest predictor of how people voted on Brexit and was a huge factor in the recent general election. This is true across Europe and in the US. Why is this happening? Why is it so dangerous and what can we do about it?