Robin Launder

Educational trainer and consultant, UK and abroad


Behaviour management – evidenced-based tips

This session is packed with research-based theory and research-based practical approaches – in other words, what works, why it works and how to implement it into your classroom. It will look at averting misbehaviour, nipping misbehaviour in the bud and teacher self-control. It’s a fun and pacey session, ideal for educationalists wanting to return to their own schools with top-notch behaviour CPD ready to share.

The teacher-student relationship: what it is and why it’s important for achievement and behaviour

The research is clear: the quality of the teacher-student relationship underpins the learning experience. It underpins student achievement, teacher satisfaction and classroom behaviour. But what exactly is the optimum relationship style? What are its features? What approach works and what approaches don’t?

Robin’s session will take you through the research, highlighting the main points and condensing it into an easily accessible model – a model that can be taken away and shared at your own school. This is a fast-paced and lively session. It may well make you laugh. It may well make you cry (well, a little anyway). And it will almost certainly get you thinking about your own relationship style and perhaps even the relationship styles of those you work with.


Educational trainer and consultant, UK and abroad

Twitter: @behaviourbuddy