Rich Davies

Director of Insight, Ark Schools
Speaking at


Predictive Insights from Internal Assessment: Scale + Consistency + Technology

What is the point of internal assessment? This question has become increasingly important as teachers cite the administration of internal assessments as a major driver of workload. Many would argue that internal assessments provide valuable predictive insights that help schools target their support activities towards the topics, groups and students that need them most. But recent studies have called into question the extent to which internal assessments actually provide any useful predictive insights. During the past few years, Ark Schools have been developing a new network-wide approach to internal assessment, which leverages scale, consistency and technology to place valuable predictive insights into the hands of our teachers and school leaders. During the session, we will discuss the principles that sit behind this approach, the ongoing implementation challenges, as well as the influence it is having on teaching and learning in our schools.


As Ark’s Director of Insight, Rich Davies analyses, interprets and codifies internal and external data so that all key stakeholders – from leaders to teachers to students – can make more informed decisions that improve outcomes. He has overseen the development of Ark’s award-winning data analytics systems while also leading network-wide reviews of assessment, curriculum, destinations and many other key areas. Prior to joining Ark, Rich was a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group. He holds an MA Education and MBA from Stanford University as well as an MEng from Oxford University.