René Kneyber

Mathematics teacher, Holland
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Flip the System: Taking classroom practice as the reference point for education policy

In this session René Kneyber argues that we should move away from an noneducational economic approach and instead embrace a more humane, more democratic approach. This is to ‘flip the system’, a move that places teachers exactly where they need to be – at the steering wheel of educational systems worldwide. This is the story of a book and its sequels that will appeal to all teachers and other education professionals.


René Kneyber (1978) is a mathematics teacher and member of the Dutch Education Council. He has written and contributed to several books, among them Flip the System: Changing Education from the Ground up, and Flip the System: Förändra skolan från grunden.

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Flip the system: Changing education from the ground up.

On a world wide scale education is suffering from neoliberal reforms: governments are forcing schools to strive for measurable results, work pressure is increasing, and teachers are deprofessionalized. In this session René Kneyber argues that ‘there is an alternative’ and highlights how we can give back education to teachers.

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