Rachel Rayner

Primary Teaching and Learning Adviser (Mathematics) at Herts for Learning

Charlie Harber

Deputy Lead Primary Teaching and Learning Adviser (Mathematics) at Herts for Learning


Making Teachers Fluent With Fluency at KS1

Charlie and Rachel have worked with over 100 primary schools in an action research project that substantially improved the early mental fluency skills of KS1 children. The impact on the children has been high. But this session outlines the scalable implementation pathway for teachers which was designed to be purposeful; carefully structured to maximise improvements in practice. We successfully engaged five principles of deliberate practice (acknowledging that experience alone does not equate with effectiveness) in order to highlight, focus, encourage, reflect and embed deliberate and permanent changes in teachers’ practice. Thus the project not only impacts on the children immediately in front of the teachers for the duration of the project, but subsequent children and the wider school community – turning novices into experts. Let us tell you more…


Rachel Rayner – A passionate advocate for her subject, Rachel works in schools nationally to drive up standards in mathematics. Through her engaging training, involvement in action research projects and speaking engagements, she provides easily actionable advice that is practical to the classroom and inspires teachers wherever she goes. As a blogger and writer of materials, Rachel seeks to spread the good word, support teachers and cause thinking as well as learn some more on the way. She still loves to teach.

Charlie Harber – Charlie brings considerable experience of working across the primary age range at all levels. She became a consultant in 2009 and was accredited as Local Consultant for Improvement: Primary mathematics in 2010 and Numicon & Numicon Intervention trainer. As a consultant, Charlie has a proven track record in working alongside schools, nationally, through a variety of models, to improve outcomes for all children. She is passionate about nurturing a deep love of mathematics, making maths real, exciting and accessible for all. Her blogs, training, consultancy and work at conferences are always highly evaluated, described as inspirational, highly motivating and fun.