Priya Lakhani

CEO / Founder, CENTURY Tech
Speaking at


The Future is Now: Leveraging evidence to develop EdTech

How do we measure the impact of technology on our education? What research can we leverage to support the idea the artificial intelligence is beneficial to both students and teachers alike?
In this 40 minute seminar we ask: What is artificial intelligence and how is it impacting students and teachers in our schools? How will it impact you? How can you use it to improve the quality of teaching and learning in your school? How do the data insights generated by such advanced technology evidence progress to SLT and Ofsted? How can you achieve such improvements across all subjects, including Maths and English?
This presentation will show real case studies and impact data from schools across the UK using technology which has been part-funded by Innovate U.K. and the UFI Trust.

Priya is a highly experienced speaker, passionate about education and the role of technology in education. She recently spoke at the HMC Conference, presenting impact evidence and she lead a panel at the Educate Festival of Learning, discussing the application of research to technology in education.
“Her enthusiasm and passion is a testament to her determination to succeed and help others to do the best they can” – Vince Cable MP, Former Secretary of State for Business.


Priya, former libel barrister, university law lecturer and founder of FMCG business Masala Masala, launched CENTURY Tech in 2015. CENTURY utilises artificial intelligence, big data technology and cognitive neuroscience to learn how every brain learns, personalise learning for every student and provide real-time data insights to educators.
Priya has been a member of the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills’ Entrepreneurs’ Forum and an advisory board member to several educational/skills organisations. Priya was awarded Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, The Mayor of London Fund’s Special Recognition Award 2016 and Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2014.