Phillipa Cordingley

Chief Executive, The Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence (CUREE)

Paul Crisp

Managing Director , The Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence (CUREE)


Co-constructing evidence based professional learning for school leaders

This interactive session explores the design, implementation and outcomes of a pilot  for a new form of leadership development based on reserach about eladhership learning, designed in partnership with school leaders through research based consultation and co-construction. Commissioned by the Teaching Schools Council these programmes offer a bespoke, sustained and iterative rhythm of supported and evidence-rich development geared to establishing a sustainable network of support.  The aim is to create a resource for use in other regions. One programme was targetd at “annointed but not appointed” heads and the other at new Executive Heads. Programme designers Philippa Cordingley and Paul Crisp, from CUREE, will present lessons learned and explore with participants the key tools, approaches, benefits and challenges of such bespoke development.


Philippa Cordingley and Paul Crisp have led CUREE over 20 years to a world renown Centre of Excellence in use of research, systematic research reviews and supporting schools in building powerful and effective professional learning environments. Philippa is a member of the OECD Expert group carryoing out thematic reviews of Country teacher preparation and formation.Paul Crisp is a national Leader of Governance. Both also serve as chairs of governors in deprived communities.