Petteri Elo

Trainer, PedaNow
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Finnish National Core Curriculum for Basic Education in a Nutshell

In 2014 Finland started the process of reforming its education system through restructuring the curriculum for basic education. In August 2016 this curriculum came into effect. In this session you will get a crash course into its key elements and gain understanding of how it is being implemented in the classroom.


Petteri Elo is a Finnish teacher, trainer and educational enthusiast. He has extensive experience in teaching at comprehensive school level. He runs PedaNow, an international training and consultation company through which he has trained educators and administrators in Finland and internationally. Petteri is passionate about creating innovations in student-centered pedagogy and combining educational theory and practice.

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Re-thinking the student-teacher relationship – the key to innovative pedagogy

At the heart of any educational innovation is pedagogy; the way of teaching and learning in classrooms and other learning environments. There are many ways to approach pedagogical change and with the new Finnish curriculum and it’s content as a background, one way can be to reassess the student-teacher relationship. What kind of procedures reinforce the traditional relationship? What does it mean to be a facilitator? How does the concentration on skills effect the relationship and pedagogy? And what might assessment look like?