Pernilla Lundgren

PhD, educational consultant
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Grading is not about ticking boxes

Teachers grading practices has been a matter of public debate for decades. In the latest national regulation on grading (Allmänna råd) an attempt was made to describe what constitutes grading as a professional practice. What is that – and what will it take to reclaim grading as a specific knowledge for trained and experienced teachers and not as someting that can be easily understood by anyone as a practice resembling “ticking boxes”.


Pernilla Lundgren is a teacher by heart. Although, for the last ten years she has had other roles dedicating her time to advance the knowledge of educational assessment and grading. She has worked at the Swedish National Agency for Education being responsible for initial development of the “Allmänna råd” on grading, been project manager of swedens largest MOOC (on assessment and grading), been an expert on the state public report on grading and lead several research projects together with teachers on assessment.

Twitter: @frkpernilla