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What if… distrust was replaced by trust?

Many school systems are today plagued by a distrust in the professions working in them leading to among other things recruitment problems in the sector. This has come about through political measures implemented by politicians worried by measurements of efficiency and results such as PISA. The politicians have of course not intended the effect that we see on the professions. But how could this be turned around, and societies rightful demands on transparency of results be upheld at the same time?


Per Kornhall works with different aspects of school education. He is an author of several school development books with foci on how to develop teaching through professional learning and building strong teaching and school leadership professions. He currently also works as an independent expert for the European Commission and with school leadership training programs for several education providers in Sweden.

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Session 1: (R)evolutionary professional learning

There is a lot of support in recent research for the importance of teachers working together to develop teaching. At the same time neoliberal management ideas have strongly influenced most school systems in Europe, creating a pressure for standardized teaching and measurement and, as in Sweden, outright marketization of education. I will make an argument for that revolving, evolutionary processes are important tools for teachers to regain mastery of their profession and its trade.

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Session 2: A Scandinavian model? How market models influence Swedish education

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