Ben Riley (moderator)

Founder, Deans for Impact

Emily Richmond

Public Editor, Education Writers Association

Matt Barnum

National reporter, Chalkbeat

Richard P Phelps

Founder, Nonpartisan Education Group


US Education Media’s Role in Covering & Broadcasting Evidence-Supported Practices: A panel discussion moderated by Ben Riley

What role do education journalists play in bringing high-quality education research to the attention of educators, parents, and policymakers? What role should they play? And how can people in the education community help influence the direction of education journalism and education research more broadly? Three veteran education journalists — Matt Barnum (Chalkbeat), Richard P. Phelps (Nonpartisan Education Review), and Emily Richmond (Education Writers Association) — will share their thoughts on a panel moderated by Benjamin Riley of Deans for Impact. And because reporters like answering questions as much as asking them, we promise plenty of Q&A time.


Benjamin Riley is the founder and executive director of Deans for Impact, a national nonprofit organization working to improve and transform the way future educators are prepared. Prior to stewarding the launch of Deans for Impact, Riley served as the director of policy for a national nonprofit organization that supported education innovation. Before that, he served as Deputy Attorney General for the State of California and worked primarily on education policy-related issues. Riley received his B.A. from the University of Washington and his J.D. from Yale Law School. He grew up in a family of public of educators and believes passionately that public education serves as the foundation of our democracy.