Pamela McMartin

Senior School Teacher Librarian and English Department Head, Southpointe Academy


Fostering Student Reflection Through Evidence Based Formative Feedback Practices

One of the most important aspects of student agency over their own learning is through the purposeful act of goal setting and reflection. Too often in our classes, however, students are tasked with goal setting and reflection assignments without sufficient guidance on how to effectively reflect and set goals. Based on the research of Rick Stiggins and of Valerie J. Shute as well as other voices in the field, we will explore ways to bring students into the formative feedback process in the classroom in a meaningful way. This session will focus on practical strategies such as using single-point rubrics and building standards based reflections that can be used in classrooms to provide students with practical and guided ways to reflect on their own learning process and to set goals for growth. As well, we will explore the important role formative feedback plays in the learning cycle and strategies for weaving formative feedback into multiple aspects of the classroom. While the primary focus of this session will be on the middle years and high school age range, the suggested strategies could easily be modified for elementary students.


Pamela McMartin is a Senior School Teacher Librarian and English Department Head in Tsawwassen, British Columbia. Over her 15 years teaching experience in Independent Schools in British Columbia, Pamela has focused much of her professional development and classroom practice on developing student agency in their own learning by fostering an environment that allows student voice and choice. As well, she is passionate about providing a diverse range of perspectives into her classroom practice and into the library learning commons program.