Oliver Caviglioli

Independent visualiser of educational ideas and processes, working from home near London
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Memory and Meaning

This is an exploration of the Willingham quote: “Understanding is memory in disguise”. The origins and development of the concept of schema in cognitive psychology is the key to uniting the seemingly separate areas of understanding and memory. And organising information through categorisation can be seen as the uniting process.


Oliver is a former special school headteacher, and son of an architect. He has put these two influences together in promoting the practice of dual coding in education. He visualises concepts, processes and policies using a variety of formats: graphic organisers, napkin sketches, sketch notes and general graphic principles, all of which are covered in his presentation. More recently, he has enjoyed working closely with teacher authors in illustrating their books.

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Dual Coding for Teachers

This is an introduction to dual coding — its theoretical basis, some research, its many formats and some practice. Participants will start with a couple of short activities to bring the highlight the problems of words-alone explanations can cause, followed by a range of visual solutions, some of which will be used for personal practice.

Dual Coding: Get Going

After introducing dual coding via immersion activities and links to cognitive load theory, I move on to methods to improve personal practice. We will look at the fundamental building blocks of: napkin sketching, sketchnoting, graphic organisers, infographics and general design principles that can be applied to PowerPoint and Word documents.
This session should see you launch your own practice in dual coding, so come along with pencil and paper.

Visual knowledge for better explanation and recall

Learn how to organise your subject knowledge into four types and find the appropriate tool to visualise it to:

  • improve teacher explanation
  • create comprehension activities
  • embed in long-term memory with visual retrieval strategy

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