Nicole Charron

Secondary School Teacher – OCDSB


Adventures in Science: Using Cognitive Science to Improve Student Learning

Ever get frustrated about how little course material the students remember from year to year, week to week, or even day to day? Ever had a student say “But I studied! Why did I do so bad on the test?” Ever wonder if your students are really learning the course material, or just memorizing it by cramming the night before the test or exam? How can we “Make It Stick”? There are several effective learning strategies that teachers (and students) can use to improve student learning for the long term. I’ll explain these strategies, how I am implementing them in my classroom, and how it’s making a difference.


Nicole Charron received her BSc from the University of Waterloo and her BEd from Western University. She has been teaching chemistry, biology, and junior science for over 14 years in Ottawa, ON.