Nicky Jones-Stokreef

Developmental Paediatrician, Lecturer in Department of Developmental Paediatrics, University of Toronto, and Chair of PONDA


Todd Cunningham

Clinical and school psychologist, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto – OISE


Advocacy and collaboration: advancing the goal of literacy for all

A tiered approach to evidence based literacy instruction is essential in all schools. This not only optimizes reading and writing skills, but contributes to the best health and wellbeing outcomes for our population. Parents of children who struggle in school reach out to physicians and psychologists for help, who in turn can work collaboratively with teachers to support the student’s learning. This workshop will describe how systemic improvements in literacy education and interprofessional collaboration can improve outcomes for students. Advocacy strategies used to promote this view will be shared.


Nicky Jones-Stokreef is a physician working in the field of Developmental Paediatrics in Simcoe County with Children’s Treatment Network. Her work includes participating in multi disciplinary diagnostic assessments of children and youth with developmental, psychiatric and behaviour problems. She is a founding member and the current Chair of PONDA (Physicians of Ontario for Neurodevelopmental Advocacy), where she developed the Advocacy Toolkit for Literacy Based Learning Disabilitiies. Nicky has a strong interest in building diagnostic and treatment capacity of developmental disorders through mentorship and collaboration, which has helped establish the award winning School Success Clinic in Orillia.

Dr. Cunningham is a clinical and school psychologist, Assistant Professor (teaching stream) at the University of Toronto, and provides psychological services through his private practice. His innovative research investigates the integration of assistive technology and learning strategies for children with learning difficulties due to a variety of reasons. A sought after public speaker and consultant, Dr. Cunningham has shared his expertise with parents, students, educators, school boards, and other professionals across Canada. Dr. Cunningham was awarded a Bell “Let’s Talk” mental health grant to provide academic intervention support to northern Ontario communities through telepsychology.