Naveen Rizvi

Maths Teacher
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Engelmann’s Connecting Math Concept Textbook series: Closing the gaps for the weakest pupils

How can you close the gaps for the weakest pupils? How can you sequence the teaching of high leverages topics such as: using four operations with fractions, complex addition and subtraction, ratio and proportion etc? How do you sequence distributed practice to ensure that the weakest pupils are able to retain their learning in their long-term memory?

In this workshop, I will introduce the philosophy and rationale behind the sequencing of Engelmann’s Connecting Math Concept textbook series. I will outline the full range of sophisticated problems types for each single mathematical procedure taught. I will show how different problems sets within the textbook series allow pupils to discriminate between previously taught problem types and procedures.

After this workshop, a teacher will be able to develop a better understanding of how to sequence instruction for the topics of fractions, ratio and proportion and to ensure your weakest pupils are able to make extensive progress within 10 months.


I entered teaching profession via The Leadership and Development programme (LDP) with Teach First in 2013. This resulted in me starting my career in a South-Manchester all-girls school. I then joined Michaela Community School in 2015 to develop my teaching, and understanding of curriculum design. Currently, I am a Maths Teacher at the transformative Great Yarmouth Charter Academy.