Nathalie Lemelin, PhD

Directrice du développement et de l’innovation pédagogiques, Collège de Montréal


Beyond using technology – Transforming pedagogy and learning spaces

This presentation will showcase the necessity of transforming practice and learning spaces to reflect modern learning in a 1:1 programme. I will highlight how we sought to transform our pedagogy and spaces to reveal significant classroom engagement and student learning.

Inspired by the work of Ritchhart, Church and Morrison (2011) and Ritchhart (2015) through Project Zero at Harvard, teachers delved into an examination of their practice to integrate “visible thinking” routines to transform their pedagogy and engage students in deeper thinking and learning. Through action research and “pedagogical circles”, teachers have led pedagogical and physical transformations of their classrooms to exhibit active and deep learning. Records of teachers’ daily reflections and classroom observations as well as student surveys were instrumental to these changes.


Nathalie Lemelin, Ph.D. is director of development and innovations in pedagogy at Collège de Montreal, and previously Head of Innovations in Teaching and Learning at Lower Canada College. She brought Action Research to the museum education context in Québec, through her doctoral research whereby she worked as an unpaid intern to implement a participatory action research model aimed at professional and curriculum development for a museum’s school visits programs. After returning to school settings, Nathalie implemented Action Research for professional development and IT integration program assessment.