Morten Sager

Senior lecturer at the University of Gothenburg
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Getting real about evidence

How do you find and use evidence about teaching methods? Many have noted “the gap”: Evidence remains a paper tiger and never gets real. The Swedish Institute for Educational Research was formed In order to tackle these difficulties. When it was set up it started a pioneer project to fill up the gap. Nine teachers enrolled to the project. They were given training in organizational change and evidence-basing before they tried out the results from the agency’s first systematic reviews in their schools. What can we learn from these attempts?


Morten Sager pursues research on evidence-based practices and has co-edited the well-read 2011 anthology “Evidensens många ansikten” (The Many Faces of Evidence) about production and use of evidence. Sager has developed and now directs a master’s program in evidence-basing at the University of Gothenburg. The program attracts professionals from all of the welfare sectors who wish to learn more about how to find, understand and use research findings in practical work. The past two years Sager has collaborated closely in a project with The Swedish Institute for Educational Research to improve teachers’ skills in evidence-basing.

Twitter: @MortenSager