Morgan Polikoff

Associate Professor, USC Rossier School of Education


Curriculum Matters

This talk summarizes the growing evidence on the importance of curriculum. Long neglected by policy researchers, curriculum (including both traditional textbooks and online and technology-enhanced materials) is emerging as a potentially promising lever for improving student learning and instructional quality. This talk focuses on what we’re learning through ongoing curriculum research and what we still need to know.


Dr. Morgan Polikoff is an Associate Professor of Education at USC’s Rossier School of Education. His areas of expertise include K-12 education policy; Common Core standards; assessment policy; alignment among instruction, standards and assessments; and the measurement of classroom instruction. Dr. Polikoff’s recent work has investigated teachers’ instructional responses to content standards and critiqued the design of school and teacher accountability systems, and his ongoing work focuses on the implementation of Common Core standards and the influence of curriculum materials and assessments on implementation.