Matthew Oldridge



There is No True “Discovery” Math Learning, Or Is There?

“Kids these days can’t make change without a calculator!”
“Humans don’t need to calculate, computers do!”

The so-called “Math Wars” that have been raging for years have been characterized by debates over meanings and uses of terms like “direct instruction” and “discovery learning”. Proper “balance” between these two supposed poles is elusive and difficult to find for classroom teachers, with mixed messages being given by school boards, faculties of education, and the media.What’s a teacher to do?

So the question remains: how best to teach mathematics? This session will explore that question.


Matthew is a father, mathematics educator, reader, and thinker about things (all kinds of things). He has given a TEDx talk, written and been a host classroom for the Ontario Ministry of Education, and spoken on many issues in mathematics education for parents and teachers. He is a recovering introvert who sometimes gives keynote addresses for 1000 people.