Matthew Hood

Director – Institute for Teaching


Teaching Teachers How to Teach – the bets the American’s are making

In this session we’ll be sharing the early findings from a paper which was born out of a provocation from Steven Farr at Teach for All. He reckons ‘…that there is a wide-spread lack of understanding, clarity, alignment, and explicitness about how to train and develop expert teachers. The design choices or ‘bets’ teacher training and development providers make are often implicit, unclear or even simply unconsidered.’

Put another way, the decisions teacher educators, us included, make about who we train and develop; what should be in the curriculum; how each aspect of that curriculum should be taught; and where and when training and development should take place are rarely explicit. This resonated so much with us that it begged the question – what if we tried to make the implicit, explicit?

With help from an network of US teacher educators (including TNTP, Relay, Memphis Teacher Residency, DC Public Schools and Urban Teachers) and the generous support of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust we have created a (much debated) framework and structured interview and tested it. We’ll publish the full paper in November so this session will be a sneak peak. We’ll share the framework itself and some of the early findings.


Matt is the Director at the Institute for Teaching. He is a former economics teacher, school leader, government policy advisor and director at education charities Teach First and Achievement for All. Matt is also a trustee The Brilliant Club, an alumnus of Teach First and a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow.