Matthew Deeble

Director, Education – Social Ventures Australia


An evidence broker for Australian schools

Evidence for Learning is a new national, cross-sector, non-profit organisation whose mission is to help educators increase learning through better evidence. It has been incubated with philanthropic and government funding to create an independent body that generates practical and actionable knowledge for front-line professionals. This session will look at the theory of action behind the organisation, what partnerships are critical for its success, what assets it has acquired and needs to develop and what lessons it has learned over the last 18 months about getting close to practice change and improvement.


Matthew is the Director of Evidence for Learning. He has more than 20 years’ experience in building and running enterprises in education, health and clean technology. He was involved in provisioning the first Internet services in Australian schools and developing internet management software used by thousands of schools in Australia, NZ, the UK and USA. More recently he has worked on data, identity and privacy projects for the National Schools Interoperability Program and an online career profile service in Higher and Vocational Education. He is also a non-executive director of the heathcare evidence efficiency platform Covidence.