Mark Quinn

Programme Leader, University College London, IOE

James Mannion

Associate of University College London, IOE


Practitioner Enquiry: more than just professional development?

Panel discussion with James Mannion, Mark Quinn and teachers from the City of London School.
What new insights can be gained from classroom-based practitioner enquiry? Can a structured action research approach to a focused question achieve something greater than professional development for the teacher? Can a teacher, working full-time and under the typical stresses of the job, behave like a researcher in ways sufficiently rigorous and informed as to shed new light on ‘what works’? We think they can.

Throughout 2016-17, a group of teachers and middle leaders from City of London School (CLS) have worked with James and Mark, from the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the UCL Institute of Education, to develop their practice through practitioner research. These teachers are not researchers in the classic sense, but throughout this year they have enquired deeply into their practice to generate new professional knowledge and understandings which are transforming practices at the school. In this session, CLS teachers will tell the story of their journey through research and share some of the findings from their inquiries, before opening up the discussion to questions from the floor.


James Mannion is an Associate of University College London, Institute of Education, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge and the Director of Rethinking Education. James was a Science teacher for ten years.

Mark Quinn is Programme Leader in the Bespoke Leadership Development team in the London Centre for Leadership in Learning, UCL Institute of Education. Before that he was school leader and History teacher in London for over 20 years.