Mark Lehain


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The Wonder Years – Implementing a knowledge-rich curriculum

Everyone’s banging on about a “knowledge rich curriculum”, but what does it actually look like in practice? This session will examine how different schools in different contexts – primary/secondary, big/small, England/elsewhere – have gone about putting knowledge back at the centre of learning, and give practical guidance for anyone looking to do the same in their own school.


After a brief period working in the City, Mark trained as a teacher in 2002 and then taught at a state school in Bedford. Having been Head of Department and then Assistant Head, in 2010 he left to lead the campaign to open one of the country’s first free schools. BFS opened in 2012, and he was Principal there until last summer.

Mark is now Director of Parents & Teachers for Excellence, a group encouraging schools to adopt best practice in the areas of behaviour, knowledge-rich curricula, rigorous and sensible assessments, and cultural enrichment.

When not advocating for educational reform, Mark can be found drinking copious quantities of coffee, running, and pretending that he knows how to manage his four young daughters.