Mark Enser

Head of Geography and Research Lead, Heathfield Community College
Speaking at


Teach Like Nobody’s Watching – The simple, the complex and the complications

At its heart teaching is simple. Recap, input, application and feedback. However, doing these things well is complex; but these complexities are what make teaching so fascinating. Unfortunately we have had endless complications thrown at us, usually by those outside the classroom, and these have made teaching not only less effective but also less efficient. From differentiated learning objectives, to Brain Gym and transferable soft skills, we are often given so many hoops to jump through that there is little time for actual teaching.

In this talk I will explain how I have used educational research in the classroom to keep teaching simple and avoid the complications, cutting my workload dramatically and leading to better pupil outcomes. I will discuss how and why I base lessons on recap, input, application and feedback and the research that underpins each phase.


I have been teaching geography for 14 years in a range of schools. I am currently a head of department and research lead and have a particular focus on curriculum and assessment design. I regularly write for TES and occasionally for other publications. My first book, Making Every Geography Lesson Count is published by Crown House at the end of the year. I blog at and tweet @EnserMark. If not teaching or writing about teaching I will probably be running up a hill somewhere.