Marije Lesterhuis

PhD, Postdoc researcher, University of Antwerp
Speaking at


The validity of comparative judgement

Comparative judgement is a recently studied method to assess competences. Within this method, assessors compare the work of students in pairs, and select for each pair the work with the highest quality. Based on the comparisons made by a pool of assessors, the work can be ranked according to their quality. Research shows these rankings are highly reliable. This session discusses research on the validity of the method. Does this ranking really inform us about the quality of the work? Based on what aspects is this ranking produced? And what does this tell us about how comparative judgement assessments should be designed?


Marije Lesterhuis is a postdoc researcher at the University of Antwerp. She recently obtained her PhD on the validity of comparative judgement. Her research was part of the D-PAC project, in which the merits of comparative judgement has been studied. This project resulted in a spin-off, of which Marije is co-founder. This spin-off offers a tool that supports the use of comparative judgement and trainings about assessment. Her current research interests are validity, comparative judgement, feedback on product and process and writing.