Maria Jarlsdotter

Principal at Malmö latinskola
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What do we mean when we talk about the increased workload for teachers?

The session refers my comparative study of the conditions that effected teachers’ workload in 1990 and what effects their workload today, the aim to find a possible explanation to that which has changed over time and a reason for those changes. In the process it soon became quite evident that the increased stresslevel relies on a number of co-operative factors. I have chosen to divide these in three groups, Systems, Work and Expectations.


Maria Jarlsdotter is principal at Malmö latinskola, a large upper secondary school in Malmö. She has worked as a principal for more than 20 years and is especially interested in teachers’ working conditions. Her work and any changes she has implemented during the years have focused on creating opportunities for teachers to give their students the very best teaching, in which teachers have been the tools to accomplish this, and her own mission to pave the way for them.

Twitter: @MJarlsdotter