Malin Jansson

Educational developer, PhD student, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden
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TalkMath – Discussing mathematics using an online tool

TalkMath: an open online tool developed to aid communication in mathematics from upper secondary school to higher education. In TalkMath your students can discuss mathematics with each other and with you as a teacher. The tool is set up as a room containing group conversations and one-to-one conversations, with functionalities such as chat, audio, whiteboard and mathematical formulas, making it easy to express oneself mathematically. In our research we are studying how the tool is being used, with and without the presence of a teacher, by looking at what the participants are talking about and who is talking to whom.


Malin Jansson is an educational developer at KTH Royal Institute of Technology where she is involved in the KTH MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, as well as a PhD student with the project TalkMath, an open online tool for discussing mathematics. Malin has a Master of Science in Engineering and of Education from KTH and has worked full time at KTH since 2014. However, she started working at KTH during her master studies, amongst other as a Mathcoach, in the project Mathcoach online. After graduation she continued on as a moderator, lecturer, instructional designer and course developer.