Lucy Rycroft-Smith

Research and Communications, Cambridge Mathematics
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Recent research in maths education

A round-up of some of the most interesting and recent research in mathematics education and implications for the classroom.


CM:We are a collaborative enterprise comprising of four education and mathematics partner organisations, all of which are departments of the University of Cambridge. We are committed to championing and securing a world class mathematics education for all students from 5 – 19 years old, applicable to both national and international contexts and based on evidence from research and practice. The project is being headed on behalf of the partners by a team of maths educations specialists.
Lucy: I have worked in mathematics education for over 10 years across primary, secondary and the Further Education sector.


Cambridge Mathematics: what, why, when?

The landscape of school mathematics has not fundamentally changed in decades. Drawing on international expertise and grounding our work in evidence, we at Cambridge Mathematics explore why we are creating a tool to reimagine curriculum design and how it might be used in the future to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics around the world.