Lucy Austin

Subject Specialist Leader of Chemistry and Research Fellow
Speaking at


Lesson Study – a panacea for curriculum, pedagogy and teacher professional development in the English education system?

Lucy has been working with Lesson Study as a form of teacher professional development over the past seven years. In this session she shares some of the highs and lows of the experience so far. She will draw on research from The International Journal of Lesson and Learning Study as well as research she has collected through her research fellowship at UEA.
Lesson Study began in Japan several decades past and gradually gained an international following. Through her experiences and research to date, Lucy explores some of the cultural similarities and differences between England and Japan as well as other countries in which Lesson Study has had success. She considers how some of the cultural dimensions of the English education system may be influencing the relative levels of success experienced by those using Lesson Study in the east of England.
Moving forward Lucy hopes to see Lesson Study bridge the chasm of implementation and provide a mechanism through which teachers within the English education system can form an acknowledged function of the curriculum.


Lucy Austin is a Subject Specialist Leader (SSL) of Chemistry at the Inspiration Trust and Research Fellow at the University of East Anglia. In her role as SSL she is part of a team responsible for the development and implementation of a knowledge-rich science curriculum from EYFS to KS5. In her role at UEA she works with Emeritus Professor John Elliott to evaluate the impact of the Lesson Study MA module. A qualified chemistry teacher, Lucy has taught the full age range from primary to sixth form in city and rural schools.