Liz Barrett

Outreach Manager for JUMP Math


Social Justice and Mathematics Solving the problem of equality: Using evidence-based methods to close the achievement gap in math.

“A lot of people believe that you have to have a math gene, or you have to be born with ability. There’s no evidence for that. The evidence is suggesting that with good teaching, and practice, and building of foundations, that virtually anyone can become an expert in anything,”
John Mighton founder of JUMP Math.
In this talk I will explore the role that confidence and supportive instruction play in the math class.


Liz Barrett is the Teacher Support and First Nations Outreach Manager for JUMP Math , and she also volunteers as a PIMS Educational Consultant. (Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences)
Liz , a teacher from South Africa has worked with JUMP Math for many years and travels to communities across Canada to support teachers in their math instruction. Liz was awarded the Partner in Education from INDSPIRE for her work in First Nations communities across Canada.