Lisa Björklund Boistrup

Associate professor, Stockholm University
Speaking at


Mathematics and vocational knowing: A framework for collaborative teaching

In vocational programmes, part of Swedish Upper Secondary school, mathematics teachers are expected to clearly connect to content from the vocational subjects. One way to address such connections is that the mathematics teacher participates one slot each week in the vocational teaching. In my talk, I draw on a couple of research projects on this kind of teaching, when going into depth with what really can be meant by connecting mathematics and vocational subjects, with regards to teaching contents. I will present a model, which has clear practical implications, both for the planning and for the teaching of collaborative teaching with mathematics and vocational teachers. The model is theoretically based and is derived through empirical research. I will illuminate the model through examples from vocational contexts.


Lisa works in the teacher education in Stockholm, where she also is a researcher. Her two main areas of interest are assessment and feedback in mathematics education and mathematics as part of workplace activities. In much of her research she carries out research together with teachers, in action research.