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Cracking the ABC Code
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Due to the complexities of the English language, orthographic knowledge is integral to improving spelling ability. An important part of orthography is knowing the spelling rules. If you are a poor speller, a knowledge of the spelling rules provides scaffolding to assist in determining the most likely letter order of a particular word. In this workshop, Dr Lillian Fawcett will introduce a range of rules, discuss strategies for teaching these rules to students and highlight how a knowledge of rules can be used to help students identify spelling errors and self-correct.
Session Outline:
1. Overview of Frith’s Literacy Acquisition Model.
2. Introduce a range of rules.
3. Discuss strategies for introducing students to these rules and participate in some activities that can be used with students.
4. Participants apply their knowledge of the rules introduced so they can identify students’ point of confusion and effectively help them to determine the correct spelling.
5. Questions


Dr Lillian Fawcett has over 20 years experience in education, is an accredited Dyslexia-SPELD specialist teacher, and has additional qualifications in psychology. She has developed a range of spelling and reading programs based on well-research literacy acquisition and memory retention principles which has enabled her to successfully help hundreds of students improve their literacy skills. Numerous teachers and school throughout Australia are currently using Lillian’s evidence-based Cracking the ABC Code programs.