Lena Adamson

Associate Professor Stockholm University
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Research based school leadership?

The Swedish Education Act, adopted by the Riksdag, regulates compulsory schools and other school forms. It states that education (not just teaching) should ‘rest on a research’. This session will discuss this from the perspective of school leadership.


Lena Adamson is associate professor of psychology at Stockholm University, Sweden. Her original research interest dealt with adolescent identity development, future orientation and youth development programs. She has been/is currently engaged as higher education expert to a number of national quality assurance agencies, the Council of Europe and the European Commission/European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
Lena has had a number of leadership positions within and outside of Academia. She was the first Director General of the Swedish Institute of Educational Research, creating a new profile for Swedish practice based school research building on the collaboration between researchers and teachers.

Twitter: @LenaAdamson

Website: http://www.skolfi.se


The Institute for Education Educational Research – Research Based Teaching and Learning
The Swedish Institute for Educational Research is a government agency with the task to provide teachers and other professionals in the school system with research based knowledge in relation to teaching and learning practices. This we do by producing systematic reviews and financing educational practice based research. This presentation will present the institute’s current activities. The presentation will also discuss the concepts of ‘’research based’, ‘evidence’ and ‘evidence informed practice’ and why we need to enhance the use of research in teaching.

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