Lars Mouwitz

Professor Emeritus at Linneaus University, Växjö


Teaching as Art, Craft and Science

Teaching is a complex endeavour using practical, performative and scientific knowledge and perspectives. This session will give examples and discuss this intriguing complexity, and how different kinds of simplifications of the teacher profession and the role of the teacher in the classroom will harm the educational system and the possibilities to create a good future teacher education.


Lars Mouwitz has a long experience as a mathematics/philosophy teacher and textbook writer at Swedish upper secondary school level, and he was engaged as a teacher educator at the National Center of Mathematics Education, Gothenburg University. He got his doctoral degree at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) investigating the relations between science and practical knowledge, and a professorship at Linneaus University. As a visiting professor at Stockholm University he was engaged in analyzing the role of estethical learning processes in teaching as a practice. His present main interest is to discuss the relations between practical knowledge and science in teacher education and teaching.

Twitter: @LarsMouwitz


Teachers’ proven experience – is it a kind of science? Or could it be?

There is a lot of criticism today concerning the role of pedagogy as a science suited for teacher education and school development. A typical argument is that pedagogy rather has undermined teachers’ professional pride and the Swedish school system, all in the name of ”science”. Focus has therefore shifted from pedagogy to teachers’ proven experience as a possible knowledge ground for development of teaching and teacher education. This seminar will discuss the two kinds of knowledge production that is at stake in this debate, also criticizing hegemony aspirations. No simple solutions will be presented, but perhaps some glimmer of hope.