Kim Bevill

International Keynote Speaker and Owner of Gray Matters, LLC


Top 10 Things Everyone with a Brain Needs to Know

The “Top Ten” features the most up-to-date scientific research on how to increase learning, motivation, attention, memory, and performance. Learn why students must perceive meaning in all curriculums; know the role of sleep and nutrition in learning and why fitness and movement must be a part of life. Discover the current research confirming the importance of music in our classrooms and the importance of respecting gender differences to enhance academic success. In addition to the application in your classroom, learn why neurologists agree these strategies will enhance your health and slow cognitive aging: improve memory, ability to think, speed processing–-even maintain a healthy weight!


Kim Bevill is the Owner of Gray Matter Education Consulting. She is a highly respected International Keynote Speaker, Conference Organizer, Staff Developer and Graduate Level Instructor. She was a High School History and IB Psychology teacher for 14 years, but eventually joined forces with educators who strive to stop the drop out phenomenon. To bring meaningful change in education, Kim has insisted on training educators on the applicable neuroscience and the instructional strategies that work for anyone with a brain! Be ready to think outside the box in a highly interactive training. Participants consistently report feeling a renewed passion, purpose, and inspiration to new endeavors!