Keven Bartle

Headteacher, Canons High School


The Chaos of Coalition: Trust, Vulnerability and Interdependence in Schools

Drawing upon theoretical and empirical studies, this session will explore the often messy issue of trust in schools and how it offers a ‘best bet’ for creating the necessary conditions for sustainable school improvement. The session will outline the findings of research by Bryk & Schneider, Tschannen-Moran, Hoy and Goddard et al. In doing so, I will suggest that far from being at the ‘soft’ end of the evidence base, trust is a necessary component of successful schools and creates the ‘operating system’ in which the ‘apps’ of potentially transformative clinical interventions can take root.


Keven is the Headteacher of Canons High School, a proudly vibrant multicultural school community in Harrow, NW London. He advocates a managerial philosophy of “look after the staff and the staff will look after the students” and tries to convince other SLT members to do the same on twitter as @kevbartle and via his blog site.