Karin Chenoweth

Writer-in-Residence, The Education Trust



Working Backwards from Success

What do the educators in successful schools and districts do to be so successful? It shouldn’t be all that surprising, but it turns out they pay a lot of attention to established research. Chenoweth will share the hard-won wisdom of educators in successful and improving high-poverty schools and districts from Mobile, Alabama, to Los Angeles County, California, to Chicago, Illinois. (Yes, that Chicago, Illinois. Stop being so surprised.)


Karin Chenoweth is writer-in-residence at The Education Trust, a national education advocacy organization that works to improve academic achievement for all children, but particularly children of color and children from low-income families. Her most recent book is Schools that Succeed: How Educators Marshal the Power of Schools for Improvement (Harvard Education Press, 2017) and she recently launched Ed Trust’s brand-new podcast, Extra-Ordinary Districts.

Blog: http://www.karinchenoweth.com/