Jonathan Wedman

PhD in Educational Measurement, Senior Lecturer at the Department för Applied Educational Science at Umeå University
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Tests, test construction and score interpretation

The session will concern the many types of tests, assessments, and test items that are available for teachers to use. What are they and what type of test or item is suitable in what situation? The session will also address the test construction process, guidelines for test construction and things to keep in mind throughout. Finally, the session will discuss how to interpret test results in a classroom context.


Jonathan Wedman is a researcher at Umeå University whose research is focused on educational measurement and mainly on large-scale tests, such as the SweSAT. Other interests include classroom assessment and the Swedish grading system. Most of his research is quantitative in nature and areas he has been involved in included validity, score reporting, equating, dimensionality, DIF, upper-secondary school grades, and theoretical models.